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            A Culture of Giving Back: Employee Giving

            Giving back is part of who we are and what we do as Edison employees. Whether volunteering at community events, raising money for favorite nonprofits, or taking advantage of the company’s donation match to schools and the Energy Assistance Fund, our employees go above and beyond to brighten our communities with more than light.

            Facts at a Glance

            Volunteering Value



            Employee Giving



            Volunteering Hours



            Nonprofits Supported



            Company Match

            One of the benefits of working at Edison is the company's dollar-for-dollar donation match to schools and the Energy Assistance Fund, up to $2,000 per employee every year. 

            Volunteer Incentive Grants

            Our volunteer incentive grants recognize employees for their commitment to the community, and let the employee choose a favorite charity to receive the funds.

            For every 40 hours our employees volunteer, they receive $100 to donate to their favorite nonprofit, up to $600 a year.

            Season of Service

            From May through November, our employees team up to take part in our annual Season of Service volunteer campaign.

            After a day of volunteering with a nonprofit of their choice, the teams present a $5,000 grant to help the nonprofit continue making good things happen in their community.